Algeria: 5th & 6th Periodic Reports, 2010 - 2014


General Introduction

PART ONE: Response to the observations and recommendations of the Commission 

PART TWO: Data and information on the general framework for human rights promotion and protection in Algeria

A. Institutional framework
1. Constitutional mechanisms
2. Non-constitutional mechanisms

B. Legal framework and concrete measures

PART THREE: Information on Algeria’s implementation of the African Charter (article-byarticle)
Article 1: Implementation of the Charter
Article 2: Right to non-discrimination
Article3: Right to equality before the law
Article 4: Right to life, physical and moral integrity
Article 5: Torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
Article 6: Right to security of the person and prohibition of arbitrary arrest or detention
Article 7: Right to a fair trial
Article 8: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
Article 9: Right to information and freedom of expression
Articles 10 and 11: Freedom of association and assembly
Article 12: Right to freedom of movement within the country, to leave and to return to the country, the right to asylum and prohibition of mass expulsion
Article 13: Right to participate in the government and access to the public service
Article 14: Right to property
Article 15: Right to work under equitable and satisfactory conditions
Article 16: Right to enjoy the best attainable state of physical and mental health
Article 17: Right to education and the right to take part in the cultural life of one’s community
Article 18: Right of the family, women, the aged and the disabled to special measures of protection
Article 19: Peoples’ right to equality
Article 20: Peoples’ right to self-determination
Article 21: Peoples’ right to freely dispose of their wealth and natural resources
Article 22: Peoples’ right to economic, social and cultural development
Article 23: Peoples’ right to international peace and security
Article 24: Peoples’ right to a satisfactory environment
Article 25: Human rights promotion, teaching and education
Article 26: Independence of the courts and establishment and improvement of national institutions for the promotion and protection of rights and freedoms
Article 27: Exercise of rights and freedoms with due regard to the rights of others, collective security, morality and common interest
Articles 28 and 29: Other individual duties


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