Benin: 2nd Periodic Report, 2000-2008


This report provides an overview of developments in the legal and institutional framework, a periodic report on progress made since the last report in 2000 and an analysis of the factors hindering the promotion and protection of human rights in Benin.



"From 2000 to 2006, the Government of Benin made significant progress with respect to the implementation of the provisions of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. However, there are still more challenges to be met with regard to the institutional and legal framework.

Regarding the institutional framework, there is a need to pursue the establishment of jurisdictions and to make them operational.

In a bid to strengthen the legal framework, there is need to carry out some lobbying to expedite the adoption of pending bills before the National Assembly in the area of human rights.

The State should boost its efforts and continue the sensitisation campaign in collaboration with civil society organisations for greater ownership of national and international legal human rights instruments to usher in a true culture of the law in Benin.

Strengthened good governance and the improvement of the legal and institutional framework are all steps which will go a long way to usher in true democracy and rule of law in Benin."

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