Réunion statutaire de la Plateforme AGA-APSA au niveau technique et politique du 13 au 14 février 2023 en marge des réunions politiques des organes de l'UA


The AGA-APSA Secretariat convened the first 2023 Statutory Meeting of the AGA-APSA  Platform at the Technical and Political Level from 13 to 14 February 2023 on the sidelines of the AU Organs' Policy  Meetings. The Meeting which was in hybrid format, brought together Platform Members from AU Organs and the RECS. The Chairperson of the Platform at the Technical level, Mme Lindiwe Khumalo ( Ag. Secretary  to the ACHPR), chaired the proceedings of the Technical Meeting; while the Chairperson of the Platform, Hon. Commissioner Rémy Ngoy Lumbu,  (Chairperson of the ACHPR), chaired the proceedings of the Political Meeting.




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