Letter to Anvil Mining Company on its role in human rights violations in the DRC


On 05 December 2017, the Chairperson of the Working Group on Extractive Industries, Environment and Human Rights transmitted a letter to Anvil Mining Company, a Company incorporated in Australia and operating in Kilwa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) regarding allegations of their facilitation and support of violations perpetrated by the 62nd Infantry Brigade of the DRC Armed Forces in Kilwa in 2004. The letter among others requested the Anvil Mining Company to acknowledge responsibility for breaching its duty of care through a public statement and contribute to the reparations that the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights granted to the victims of violations in Communication 393/10 — Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa and Others v. Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights will issue a statement on any response received from Anvil Mining Company.