Eritrea: 1st Periodic Report, 1999-2016



1. The State of Eritrea presents its initial and combined reports that encompass eight periodic reports overdue since its accession to the Charter. The report is prepared pursuant to article 62 of the African Commission for Human and Peoples‟ Rights (ACHPR) and covers the period between 1999 and 2016. It is spearheaded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with relevant ministries, institutions and national associations.

2. In the preparation of this report, relevant ministries and National Civic Organizations prepared their part with due considerations to the objectives and purpose of the Charter. They all participated in the compilation process and subsequent discussion to finalize the report. Several meetings were held to evaluate the authenticity of the information and practice during the compilation and finalization of the report. The scope underlines the obligations under the Banjul Charter and other relevant regional and international instruments that have direct bearing on the enjoyment of Human and Peoples‟ Rights. In terms of coverage, concrete achievements, challenges and best practices are also taken into consideration since the accession of Eritrea to the Africa Charter in 1999.

3. The Report is prepared in accordance to the reporting Guidelines. As an initial report that covers the period 1999 – 2016, it is organized in a way that gives a deep insight into the requirements stipulated in the guidelines and covers all areas in the Charter. The aim is to show Eritrea‟s implementation and observance of the rights and duties as well as cooperation in the promotion of human and people‟s rights. It is also intended to strengthen constructive dialogue between Eritrea and the ACHPR. The Report has four parts; part I gives a general overview, part II highlights achievements and challenges, part III focuses on people‟s rights and part IV discusses on engagement and international cooperation on human rights

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