Mauritania: Initial Report, 1986-2001


This report should be considered as the initial, first, and following six (6) Periodic reports that the Islamic Republic of Mauritania should have presented since 1990. It contains an introduction on Mauritania, followed by an overview of the situation of the rights enumerated in the Charter, article by article. 

In the Conclusion: 
eoples' Rights. 
It would be tedious to enumerate the actions undertaken since 1985 aimed at the gradual establishment and consolidation of democracy within the framework of the democratic constitution of July 20, 1991. Efforts continue to ensure the independence of justice, promote the various human rights, spreading knowledge and the fight against poverty, in a 
particularly difficult international context, marked by globalization. 
Of course, shortcomings persist, but the Mauritanian government is committed to take all legal or institutional measures, in order to ensure effective realisation of the Charter. 
In this context, the construction of the democratic constitutional state, respectful of human rights, requires the full participation of all citizens, plus the cooperation and