Final Communiqué of the 78th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights


Virtual Session
23 February – 8 March 2024

1.The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Commission), held its 78th Ordinary Session (the Session) virtually from 23 February to 8 March 2024.

2.The Session was chaired by Honourable Commissioner Rémy Ngoy Lumbu, Chairperson of the Commission, assisted by Honourable Commissioner Ramatoulie Sallah-Njie, Vice-Chairperson of the Commission. 

3.In his opening address, the Chairperson of the Commission extended his best wishes for the New Year to the Commissioners, the Secretariat and all those attending the Session. He expressed hope that the Commission would achieve greater success in fulfilling its missions on the African continent in 2024. He concluded by wishing fruitful deliberations during the current Session.

4.The following Members of the Commission participated in the Session:
i. Honourable Commissioner Rémy Ngoy Lumbu, Chairperson;
ii. Honourable Commissioner Janet Ramatoulie Sallah-Njie, Vice-Chairperson;
iii. Honourable Commissioner Solomon Ayele Dersso;
iv. Honourable Commissioner Hatem Essaiem;
v. Honourable Commissioner Maria Teresa Manuela;
vi. Honourable Commissioner Mudford Zachariah Mwandenga;
vii. Honourable Commissioner Marie Louise Abomo;
viii. Honourable Commissioner Ourveena Geereesha Topsy-Sonoo;
ix. Honourable Commissioner Idrissa Sow;
x. Honourable Commissioner Litha Musyimi-Ogana; and
xi. Honourable Commissioner Selma Sassi.

5.The Commission considered and adopted its agenda, after amendments.

6.The Commission considered and adopted the Report of the Chairperson on the Meetings of AU Policy Organs, which also included a Report from the Chairperson of the African Governance Architecture – African Peace and Security Architecture. 

7.The Commission considered in plenary session, and adopted with amendments, the reports of the meetings held during the same period by its various Working Groups, as indicated below:
i. Report of the meeting of the Working Group on Communications, including the Report of the Secretariat on Administrative Seizures and the Report on the Audit of Communications;
ii. Report of the meeting of the Working Group on Specific Issues related to the Work of the Commission, including the Concept Note on a Comprehensive Framework for Monitoring the Implementation of the Commission’s Recommendations to States Parties;
iii. Report of the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Budgetary and Staff Matters, including the 2024 Work Plan and Budget;
iv. Report of the meeting of the Committee on Resolutions. 

8.Furthermore, the Commission considered and adopted Concluding Observations on the following Periodic Reports:
i. Sixth Periodic Report of Uganda 2013-2022; and
ii. Second Periodic Report of Eritrea 2017-2020.

9.The Commission considered and adopted decisions relating to thirteen (13) Communications, as follows:
i. Seven (7) Communications on the Merits, including one for which the final decision was deferred to the next Session; and
ii. Six (6) Communications on Admissibility, of which four (4) were declared admissible and two (2) inadmissible;

10.Concerning Resolutions, the Commission considered and adopted the following four (4) Resolutions, which will be published on the Commission’s website
i. Resolution on the drafting of Guidelines on the protection of the rights of workers in the informal economy in Africa; 
ii. Resolution on internet censorship and elections in Africa;
iii. Resolution on undertaking a Study on the state of implementation of the ACHPR’s Non-Binding Legal Instruments on Access to Information in Africa;
iv. Resolution on the need for measures to reduce forced internal displacement in Africa; and
v. Resolution on the extension of the deadline to conduct a Study on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Killings in Africa – ACHPR/Res.519 (LXXI).

11.The Commission considered and adopted, with amendments, the Study on the Human Rights Impact of Law Enforcement on Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants in Africa.

12.The Commission held consultations with partners to discuss the study on prisons and the study on alternatives to imprisonment. The Commission was briefed on the following documents and matters:
i. The Paper on AGA’s initiative on harmonization of State reporting / Consideration of the Inter-Session Reports of Special Mechanisms (Template);
ii. Established working methods for handling of invitations to ACHPR on thematic issues;
iii. Relationship between ACHPR and stakeholders (States and NGOs); and
iv. Update on the Addis Ababa roadmap discussion.

13.The Commission considered and decided to defer to its next Session, the adoption of the Report on the Promotion Mission to Tanzania and the Paper on Working Methods for the Coordination of Commissioners’ Inter-Session Activities.

14.The Commission also celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 March. It took the opportunity to pay a special tribute to all the women taking part in the proceedings of this 78th Ordinary Session. The customary Statement by the Commission’s Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Women in Africa was published on the website of the Commission. 

15.The dates and venue of the 79th Ordinary Session of the Commission will be communicated in due course.

Done on 8 March 2024