Kevin Mgwanga Gunme et al / Cameroon


African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) – violations suffered by the people of Southern Cameroon emanated from the UN plebiscite of 11 February 1961 that determined the political future of Southern Cameroon.

Whether the communication was written in insulting or disparaging language.

Whether this case has already been settled by another international settlement procedure.

Whether the ACmHPR has competence rationae temporis.

Whether the respondent is in violation of the following guaranteed rights under ACHPR: Right to Freedom from Discrimination; Right to Equality before the Law and Equal Protection of the Law; Right to Life; Prohibition of Torture and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment; Right to Personal Liberty and Protection from Arbitrary Arrest; Right to Fair Trial; Right to Receive Information and Free Expression; Right to Freedom of Association; Right to Freedom of Assembly; Right to Freedom of Movement; Right to Participate in Government; Right to Education; Right of All Peoples to Equality and Rights; Right to Self-Determination; Right to Free Disposal of Wealth and Natural Resources; Right to Economic, Social and Cultural Development; Right to National and International Security and Peace; Right to a General Satisfactory Environment.