Rwanda: 8th Periodic Report, 2002-2004


The present report covers the period 2002-2004 and, like the preceding report, it comprises of two parts. The first part briefly recounts the Rwandan institutional system, as well as human rights’ instruments to which Rwanda has subscribed or is yet to subscribe. The second part provides information about measures taken during the period of application of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, about difficulties encountered in its implementation as well as future perspectives.

"The Government of Rwanda, despite the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the measures undertaken to promote human and peoples’ rights in the country, intends to get more involved in that fight to make efficient and effective that common inheritance of the humanity as it has been introduced by the African Charter of Human and Peoples’ rights. It remains grateful to the African community and the world for various decisions and positions taken in different situations to recognize the particular situation of Rwanda after the 1994 genocide and manifest their support to the efforts that it makes and continue to make for the promotion of human rights in the country and in Africa. It solicits understanding and advices instead of reproaches and blames concerning the way of performing its policy of seeking for the necessary solution or welfare and the blooming of its entire people."

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