Guidelines/Best Practices for virtual meetings on the Zoom platform

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The following Guidelines/Best Practices have been identified as necessary to ensure an effective and smooth-flowing virtual meeting on the Zoom platform:

  1. Join the meeting with the Zoom software instead of a browser. Some features may not show on browsers, and audio and video quality may be limited;
  2. Remember to upgrade your Zoom Client with the latest version in order to be afforded the current updates in the system which provide more security features as well as the addition of Arabic language;
  3. Whenever possible,use a wired connection to join the meeting as they are faster and more stable than Wi-Fi or cellular connections;
  4. It is recommended that you join the meeting with your full name or the name of the State or Organization you are representing for ease of identification;
  5. To see meeting controls, Press the “Alt” key on your device;
  6. Ensure your device is on “Mute” and remains so throughout the proceedings unless the floor has been yielded to you.
  7. When you speak, ensure that your channel is set to the language in which you are speaking, in order to avoid channel overlap with interpretation;
  8. Due to efforts to provide interpretation in more languages than the two permitted on the Zoom platform, you are kindly requested to bear with unavoidable delays in interpretation that may occur;
  9. Should you be disconnected from the proceedings for any reason, or experience any challenge with respect to interpretation, the IT Host, Mr. Etwell Karikoga, can be contacted for assistance through the private chat link;
  10. Avoid joining the meeting with multiple devices. Where two or more participants join the meeting with separate devices in the same room, utmost care must be taken to avoid sound distortions and interferences.
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