Islamic Republic of Mauritania: Promotion Mission 2012



The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (African Commission) would like to express its gratitude to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania for authorizing this Promotion Mission, and for putting at the disposal of its delegation all the necessary facilities and personnel to ensure the success of the Mission. The African Commission would like to extend thanks to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Humanitarian Action and Relations with Civil Society of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania especially to Hon. Mohammed Adellahi ould Khattra, for his efforts in ensuring that the Mission was successful. The African Commission would particularly like to thank staff of the United Nations Mission in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania for their advice and insight which enriched the quality of this Report.

The African Commission also wishes to thank all the NGOs, Independent Statutory Institutions and other individuals and civil society bodies that found time to meet with its Delegation.