Final Communiqué of the 31th Extra-Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights


1.    The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (“the Commission”) held its 31st Extra-Ordinary Session (“the Session”) from 19 to 25 February 2021, virtually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2.    The Session was chaired by Honourable Commissioner Solomon Ayele Dersso, Chairperson of the Commission, assisted by Honourable Commissioner Rémy Ngoy Lumbu, Vice-Chairperson.

3.    The following Members of the Commission participated in the Session:

i. Honourable Commissioner Solomon Ayele Dersso; Chairperson
ii. Honourable Commissioner Rémy Ngoy Lumbu; Vice Chairperson
iii. Honourable Commissioner Maya Sahli-Fadel;
iv. Honourable Commissioner Jamesina Essie L. King;
v. Honourable Commissioner Hatem Essaiem;
vi. Honourable Commissioner Maria Teresa Manuela;
vii. Honourable Commissioner Alexia Gertrude Amesbury.
viii. Honourable Commissioner Mudford Zachariah Mwandenga; and
ix. Honourable Commissionner Marie Louise Abomo.

4.    Honourable Commissioner Ndiamé Gaye could not take part in the Session.

5.    The Commission considered and adopted its agenda, with amendments.

6.    The Commission considered and made comments on the following:

i. Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Meetings of the AU Policy Organs; and
ii. Report on Audit of Merits Communications before the Commission.

7.    The Commission considered a total of four (4) Communications on the Merits, out of which: the Commission  adopted a decision on one (1) with amendments; adopted decisions on two (2) subject to their finalization by the Working Group on Communications; and provided guidance on one (1).

8.    The Commission deliberated and adopted three (3) Concluding Observations, namely:
i. Combined Periodic Report of the Republic of The Gambia on the Implementation of the African Charter (1994 – 2018) and the Initial Report on Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa (the Maputo Protocol) for the period (2005 - 2014);
ii. Combined Periodic Report of the Republic of Togo on the implementation of the African Charter (2011 – 2016) and the Initial Report on the Maputo Protocol (2005 – 2016); and
iii. Cumulative Periodic Report of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the Implementation of the African Charter (2001 - 2017).

9.    The Commission deliberated on administrative and financial matters relating to its working methods.
10.    The Commission considered and adopted three (3) Resolutions, namely:

i. Resolution on the need to undertake a Study on Human and Peoples’ Rights and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Other New and Emerging Technologies in Africa;
ii. Resolution on the Prohibition of Excessive Use of Force by the Police in African States;  and
iii. Resolution on the necessity to protect the Civic Space and Freedom of Association and Assembly.

11.    These Resolutions will be made available on the website of the Commission on: Www.Achpr.Org   
12.    The Commission will hold its 68th Ordinary Session from 14 April to 4 May 2021. The Commission will also hold its 32nd Extra-Ordinary Session from 12 to 26 July 2021.

Done this 25th day of February 2021.