African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights Complaint Form: Non-State Communication Procedure Pursuant to Article 55 of the African Charter & Inter-State Communication



Fill out the form below as clearly and concisely as possible, including all information available in relation to the facts alleged, in one of the working languages of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Commission): French, English, Arabic, and Portuguese. If the matter is seized, you will have an opportunity to set out legal arguments on Admissibility and Merits.

Supporting documentation and other attachments should, to the extent possible, be in the same language as the Communication. Should the need to rely on documents in another language arise, the Complainant is requested to attach a translation in the working languages of the Commission, accompanied by a certificate that it has been translated by a sworn translator.

Do not use language that is insulting to the State, its institutions or the African Union and its institutions.