Nigeria: 4th Periodic Report, 2008-2010


From the Introduction:
"Efforts have been made within the period under review (2008-10) by Nigeria to improve on her obligation to promote and protect human and peoples’ rights by enhancing the capacity and independence of the judiciary, relevant ministries and human rights institutions. This includes direct intervention programmes and projects that seek to impact on the standard of living, quality of life, security and welfare of the individuals and groups within her jurisdiction. 
Admittedly, there are numerous challenges ahead in the effective promotion and protection of human and peoples’ rights and in the realization of the time-bound Millennium Development Goals. It is against this background that this 4th Periodic Country Report seeks to highlight the general and specific measures adopted in the implementation of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) since 2008. The Report also identifies the progress made and challenges being encountered in the effective promotion and protection of human and peoples’ rights guaranteed under the Charter. 
The preparation of this Report was coordinated by the Department of Comparative and international law of the Federal Ministry of Justice, Abuja."

The Report contains seven parts:

  1. General introduction
  2. Progress Report on the Implementation of the ACHPR in Nigeria
  3. General Measures of Implementation: - Articles 1, 25, 26 and 62
  4. Individual Civil And Political Rights: - Articles 2-13
  5. Individual Economic Social and Cultural Rights: - Articles 14-18
  6. Promotion and Protection of Peoples’ Rights: - Articles 19-24
  7. Duties of Individuals: - Articles 27-29

as well as various statistics, annexes and references.

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