Rwanda: 9th and 10th Periodic Reports, 2005-2009


This is the combined ninth and tenth periodic report submitted by the Government of Rwanda on the current implementation status of the Charter.

As requested by the Commission, the report also incorporates and addresses in particular the issues raised in the concluding observations that the Committee adopted after considering the seventh periodic report of Rwanda. In addition, the report includes further information on recent legislation and measures taken in order to protect and promote human rights.

"Rwanda fully understands and owns its national obligation to report and highlight implementation status of the charter not only as an opportunity for self-evaluation but also determination of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is the conviction of the government of Rwanda that a genuine and realistic approach to the human rights challenges confronted can only save the country from future human rights crises. Indeed, such approach has been initiated and efforts are being made to this endeavour. The  African charter as a unique human rights document does provide unique opportunity for Rwanda to showcase its traditional values, activities and programs that have been improved for better protection and promotion of human rights. The abunzi, gacaca, itorero, umuganda among other local initiatives have provided a framework to further the spirit of the African charter. Besides, the progress made in the three generation rights i.e. civil and political rights; socio-economic rights and solidarity rights remain exceptional. Fifteen years after the worst human tragedy of the 20th century have witnessed a cross spectrum of progress in Rwanda- particularly in the field of human rights. It is however noted that challenges still remain – a reason that calls for renewed efforts to consolidate the culture of human rights respect in Rwanda. These (challenges) are either structural challenges or capacity challenges. The need to realize and work towards opening of political space, freedom of press and speech are paramount to cementing human rights progress made."

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