Algeria: 3rd and 4th Periodic Reports, 2001-2006


From the Introduction:

"Since the presentation of its second report [in 2001], the Algerian public authorities have pursued their efforts to consolidate the rule of law, democratic pluralism and promote and protect human rights despite the consequences of a decade of terrorism. Thus, fresh elections have been held, the already existing human rights promotion mechanisms have been strengthened, and certain aspects of economic, social and cultural legislation adapted to new realities. Justice, education and the various missions of the state are being deeply reformed by the relevant national commissions made up of professionals and independent personalities. The recommendations of these commissions have since been guiding the actions of public authorities. Further, the establishment of associations, which is increasingly encouraged, has experienced a remarkable development.

This consolidated report covers the 3rd and 4th reporting periods. It is divided into two parts: Part one, entitled “Background information”, describes the present political structure of the country and the established framework for the promotion and protection of human rights; part two provides information on the substantive provisions of the Charter in respect of which measures have been taken to address the concerns raised by members of the African Commission following the presentation of Algeria’s periodic report."

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