Libya: 5th Periodic Report, 2009-2010


This report over the period 2009-2010 "throws light on the people-based human rights system as envisaged in the First Statement of the 1st of September (Fateh) 1969 Revolution, the declared institution of the power of the people in 1977, the Great Green Charter of Human Rights in the Era of the Masses in 1988, and the executing Freedom Promotion Act no. 20/1991, being two underlying documents drawn from the fundamentals of the Third Universal Theory as conspicuously unfolding in political rights, the right to practice direct democracy "the power of the people", the right to employment (right to paid labour) and others."

It contains sections dealing with civil and political rights, economic rights, social and cultural rights, judicial and legal organisation, civil society organisations, and the rights of women, children and disabled persons.

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