Resolution on the Nomination and Composition of the Working Group on Specific Issues related to the Work of the Commission - ACHPR/Res.150(XLVI)09


The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the African Commission) meeting at its 46th Ordinary Session held from 11 – 25 November 2009, in Banjul, The Gambia;


Recalling its Resolution ACHPR/Res 77 (XXXVII)05 on the creation of a Working Group on Specific Issues Relevant to the Work of the African Commission adopted at its 37th Ordinary Session held from 27 April to 11 May 2005 in Banjul, The Gambia;

Bearing in mind Resolution ACHPR/Res.127(XXXXII) 07  on the renewal of the mandate of the Working Group adopted at the 42nd Ordinary Session held in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo from 13-28 November 2007;

Considering the report of the Chairperson of the Working Group;

Noting with appreciation the work and accomplishment of the Working Group since the renewal of its mandate in 2007;

Considering the importance of allowing the Working Group to continue to carry out the remaining part of its mandate and address pending issues falling within this mandate;

Considering that the term of the Acting Chairperson of the Working Group, Commissioner Pansy Tlakula, comes to an end on 25 November 2009;

DECIDES to appoint Commissioner Pansy Tlakula as the Chairperson of the Working Group for two years, effective 25 November 2009;

FURTHER DECIDES that the composition of the Working Group will be as follows:

1)     Commissioner Kayitesi Zainabo Sylvie

2)     One (1) representative from each of the following Nongovernmental Organizations:

  1. the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa
  2. INTERIGHTS; and
  3. Open Society Justice Initiative.

REQUESTS the Working Group to deal with the following remaining pending issues falling within its mandate as spelled out in the above Resolution ACHPR/Res.77 (XXXVII) 05:

  1. The finalization of the Rules of Procedure taking into consideration comments received from States Parties, National Human Rights Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations and other stakeholders;
  2. The mechanism and procedure on the follow-up on decisions and recommendations of the African Commission;
  3. The structure of different reports of the African Commission;
  4. The modalities for the establishment of a Voluntary Fund for Human Rights in Africa; and
  5. The follow-up on the implementation of the recommendations of the Retreat of the African Commission in Addis Ababa of September 2003, the evaluation report on the work of the African Commission and the UPPSALA consultation of June 2004.

REQUESTS the Working Group to submit a progress report at each session of the Commission;

FURTHER REQUESTS the Secretariat of the African Commission to intensify its efforts to mobilize resources that will assist the Working Group to carry out its mandates: