52nd and 53rd Combined Activity Reports

No : 52 - 53
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Activity Reports
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1. The 52nd and 53rd Combined Activity Reports of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Commission or the ACHPR) is presented to the Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU), in accordance with Article 54 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the African Charter) and covers the period from 6 December 2021 to 9 November 2022.

2. The activities presented in this Report undertaken by the Commission during the period under review are directed towards the realization of the priority areas set out in the Commission’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. Accordingly, the Commission’s statutory meetings were specifically devoted to strengthening its protection mandate by dealing with Communications on alleged human rights violations, thereby reinforcing the implementation of its mandate of protection of human and peoples’ rights. This mandate is further strengthened by the Commission’s interventions on urgent and pressing human rights issues by means of urgent letters of appeal, press releases, resolutions and congratulatory letters.

3. It also includes activities to further the promotion of human rights on the continent as required by the African Charter.

4. The activities undertaken by the Special Mechanisms of the Commission and the review of reports of States Parties to the African Charter on the implementation of the rights and freedoms in the African Charter have contributed to the enhancement of national legal and institutional infrastructure for the promotion and protection of rights at the national levels through adoption of new laws, revision of existing laws and establishment or reform of relevant institutions in States Parties. The Report additionally presents financial, staffing and operational matters of the Commission and the recommendations of the Commission on the human rights situation on the continent

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