Uganda: 3rd Periodic Report, 2006-2008


The report contains an Introduction and six parts dealing with

  1. General information and basic data plus Institutional framework
  2. Legal, judicial and other measures taken by Uganda to implement the Charter since the last reporting period
  3. Other measures that have been taken by Government in implementing the Charter
  4. Constitutional cases that impact the Human Rights regime
  5. Questions raised by the Commissioners based on Uganda's last periodic Report (often with detailed responses by the government)
  6. Challenges faced by the Government in its endeavours to provide and protect the human rights regime in Uganda

The following challenges are mentioned:

  • Justice Law and Order sector: Increased crime and the resultant strain on human resource capacity, lengthy procurement procedures, financial constraints, low private sector participation and a growing case backlog
  • adult literacy
  • human rights in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces
  • amnesty

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