Combined report comprising the 15th, 16th and 17th Periodic Reports of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, 2018 - 2021


Combined Report of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (XV, XVI and XII ) submitted in accordance with Article 62 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights and Article 26.1 of the Maputo Protocol

Table of Contents
General Introduction
PART ONE: Response to the observations and recommendations of the ACHPR
PART TWO: Information on the general framework for the promotion and protection of
human rights
PART THREE: Information on the Implementation of the African Charter and the Maputo
Article 1: Implementation of the Charter
Article 2: Right to non-discrimination
Article 3: Right to equality before the law
Article 4: Right to life, physical and moral integrity
Article 5: Torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
Article 6: Right to security of person and prohibition of arbitrary arrest or detention
Article 7: Right to a fair trial
Article 8: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
Article 9: Right to information and freedom of expression
Articles 10 and 11: Freedom of association and assembly
Article 12: Right to freedom of movement within the territory, to leave and return to one's
Article 13: Right to participate in public affairs and to have access to public services
Article 14: Right to property
Article 15: Right to work
Article 16: Right to health
Article 17: Right to education
Article 18: Right of the family, women and older persons or people with disabilities to
protective measures
Articles 19 and 20: Right of peoples to equality and self-determination
Article 21: Right of peoples to the free disposal of their natural resources and wealth
Article 22: Right of peoples to economic, social and cultural development
Articles 23 and 24: Right of peoples to peace, international security and a healthy
Article 25: Promotion, teaching and education in human rights
Article 26: Independence of the courts and the establishment and development of national
institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights
Article 27: Exercise of rights and freedoms with due regard for the rights of others, collective
security, morality and the common interest
Article 28 and 29: Other duties of the individual