Burkina Faso: Initial Report, 1984-1998


This document contains a preliminary part of a political and economic situation of Burkina Faso, four sections on:

  • the protection of civil and political rights (legal and implementation)
  • the promotion of economic, social and cultural rights (protection of economic rights, right to education, standard of living, food, health and housing, family and protection of vulnerable social groups)
  • the rights of the people (equality, self-determination, right to peace and security, economic and social rights of the people).
  • compliance with the specific duties of the charter

and a general conclusion.

From the Conclusion: "Since the Constitution of 2 June 1991, it would be tedious to list all acts in line with a gradual introduction and consolidation of democracy. Efforts have been made to restore the judicial system, restore the independence of the judiciary and promote the various rights of the individual. Although huge efforts are still needed, this is characteristic of an evolutionary process. We will only report in this regard that Burkina Faso is a vast construction site for the foundations for increased democracy plus protection and promotion of human rights. "