Mozambique: 1st Periodic Report, 1992-1994


The report contains an introduction and sections dealing with:

  • Human rights in the light of the 1990 Constitution
  • Preparatory and regular legal provisions on human rights promotion
  • The role of public administration and its agents in the defence of human rights

The Constitution of Mozambique is attached.

From the Introduction: "The Republic of Mozambique has, for more than a decade, been fighting a cruel war imposed on her by those who are against the principles of self-determination, social welfare and well being, peoples' rights and non-peace loving people. The violence and the extent of war in which Mozambique has been involved is preventing her from enjoying the infrastructures and national conditions of existence required for their subsistence placing them in an almost absolute state of scarcity, violation of the peoples rights to development, and implicitly, of continuous violation of individual civil and political rights, especially in the areas most affected by the bloody war whose nature has been traumatic.
However, effort have been made by the Mozambican government with the view to minimize the absolute needs of the assaulted populations which as a result of such situations has sought refuge and security both in the neighbouring countries and in the country's capital cities where, over populated and lacking the minimum correspondence populations growth in terms of shelter, food and services, create a social imbalance and instability....
Out of this shady framework, an appeal has been made to the regional and international community for providing humanitarian assistance to the population and simultaneously seeking for solutions for national reconciliation, by putting an end to the war, also constitute adopted measures by the government in order to, besides the above mentioned facts, it can fulfil its obligations with the ratification of the African Charter for Human and Peoples' Rights."

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