Arab Republic of Egypt: 1st Periodic Report, 1986-1992


The report begins with an Introduction and a Part I on the Principals of Human Rights and the Egyptian Constitution. 
Part II deals with some Egyptian laws in relation to human rights principles, and covers:

  • The Egyptian penal law and other special criminal laws
  • The Egyptian Criminal Procedures Law and related laws
  • The Egyptian Juvenile Law  :
  • The Egyptian Emergency Law
  • The Law of Judicial Legislature Authorities

Part III deals with the international contribution of Egypt to the international Conventions for Human Rights

From the Conclusion:

“All principals of Human Rights and liberties take its place and importance either by the Egyptian Constitution or by Egyptian legislations issued by the Egyptian Legislator.

These principals and rights shall be protected by virtue of the law to safeguard against the aggression according to the judicial supervision upon the constitutionality of laws represented in the Supreme Constitution Court and the independence of the judicial authorities which are assigned to render a judgement in complaints related to the transgressions of these rights."



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