Press Release: Sensitization and Training Webinar for the dissemination of the Abidjan Rules to Arabic-speaking countries of Africa


14 June 2023, online

Following the adoption of the Abidjan Rules by Resolution ACHPR/Res. 520 (LXXII), and their launch, this webinar is part of the Committee's strategy to disseminate the Abidjan Rules to all actors involved in the prevention of torture in Africa. 

The objective of this webinar for Arabic-speaking countries in Africa was to disseminate and familiarize them with the Abidjan Rules. More specifically, this webinar aimed to:
i.Take note of the situation of the implementation of the International and regional Instruments for the prevention of Torture on the Continent; 
ii.To introduce the Committee for the Prevention of Torture in Africa;
iii.Present and go over the general process of the functioning of the Abidjan Rules;
iv.Present the procedure of the partnerships with the HRDOs and the CPTA within the framework of the implementation of the Abidjan Rules;
v.Simulate practical cases of warnings of Torture Cases; 
vi.Empower all the stakeholders in the effective use of the Abidjan Rules. 

Under the direction of the Honorable Commissioner Hatem Essaiem, Chairperson of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture in Africa, the webinar was attended by the Honorable Commissioner Idrissa Sow, Vice- Chairperson of the Committee, Expert Members of the Committee as well as the participation of alerting parties (regional networks of Organizations, NHRIs, NGOs, lawyers, ... ) from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Tunisia.. 

The participants followed the presentations below and completed group work on practical case.
i.Presentation of the current state of torture prevention in the Arabic-speaking states of Africa; 
ii.Presentation of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture in Africa; 
iii.Presentation of the Abidjan Rules: Origin, Role & Implementation Process;  
iv.Partnership: Partnership Procedure, Goals & Responsibility.

At the end of this activity, the Committee notes on one hand the manifest interest of the participants in the prevention of torture in Africa and on the other hand their willingness to collaborate with the Committee for the implementation of the said Rules.

To achieve the targeted impact, the Committee invites financial partners to support the dissemination of the Abidjan Rules. 

The Committee, on behalf of the Commission, expresses its deep gratitude to all participants in this webinar.

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