Legal Defence and Assistance Project (on behalf of Mr. Abiodun Subaru) v. The Federal Republic of Nigeria - 425/12


Decision of the Commission on Admissibility

1. In view of the above, the African Commission on Human and Peoples‟ Rights:

i. Declares this Communication Admissible in accordance with Article 56 of the African Charter;

ii. Adjourns the consideration of the Communication for the parties to make their submissions on the Merits in accordance with Rule 107(2) of its Rules of Procedure; and

iii. Requests the Complainant to forward its submissions on the Merits within sixty (60) days of notification pursuant to Rule 108(1) of the Rules of Procedure.

Done in Kigali, Rwanda, during the 16th Extra-Ordinary Session, held from 20 to 29 July 2014