Resolution on Developing Reporting Guidelines with Respect to the Extractive Industries - ACHPR/Res.364(LIX)2016


The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (the Commission), meeting at its 59th Ordinary Session held from 21 October to 4 November 2016 in Banjul, Islamic Republic of The Gambia;

Recalling its mandate to promote and protect human and peoples' rights in Africa under the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights (the African Charter);

Recalling its Resolution ACHPR/Res.148 (XLV1) 09, establishing the Working Group on Extractive Industries, Environment and Human Rights Violations in Africa (the Working Group), adopted during the 46th Ordinary Session held in Banjul, The Gambia from 11 to 25 November 2009;

Further recalling Resolution ACHPR/Res.321(LVII)2015 appointing Commissioner Solomon Dersso as the new Chairperson of the Working Group and the extension of the term of its members, adopted at the 57th Ordinary Session of the Commission held from 4 to 18 November 2015 in Banjul, Islamic Republic of The Gambia;

Recognising the importance of the Working Group in contributing to the work of the Commission towards an improved protection of human rights and the environment within the context of extractive industries;

Further recognising that the lack of reporting guidelines on extractive industries undermines the monitoring of compliance by State Parties with Charter standards;

The Commission

Decides to mandate the Working Group to elaborate reporting guidelines that adequately guide State Parties on the information they should incorporate in their periodic report.

Done in Banjul, Islamic Republic of The Gambia, on 4 November 2016