Concluding Observations and Recommendations - Democratic Republic of the Congo: 8th to 10th Periodic Reports, 2003-2007


The Democratic Republic of Congo has created a government body called the "Interdepartmental Committee for development of initial and periodic reports of human rights", under the coordination of the Ministry of Human Rights to end the delays in presentation of its reports.

It presents its eighth, ninth and tenth periodic reports combined into one document. New information on the country has been provided taking into account the political developments registered by the DRC during the past years, in particular the implementation of the Global Accord and related issues of the 17th December 2002, which emanated from the Inter-Congolese Dialogue, and which endowed the country with a transitional Constitution on the 4th April 2003, at the end of the transition and the promulgation of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the 18th February 2006. The preparation of the report also took into account the concluding observations of the Commission during the discussions of the 2003 report.

The report contains a general description of the country and an overview of measures taken to ensure the enjoyment of rights protected by the Charter, Article by Article.