Burundi: 1st Periodic Report, 1991-2000


From the Introduction: "... because of the difficulties of all kinds encountered in the socio-political situation of the country and especially the war that prevailed in the country in 1993 until now, Burundi could not meet this requirement. The gradual restoration of security in the country now enables it to prepare this report. This report will be considered as basic report on the one hand, and as an alternate four reports that Burundi should have presented since 1993 on the other. "

The report consists of ten chapters:

  1.     a brief history of Burundi
  2.     information about the system of government, the legal system and the relationships between the various government authorities
  3.     the main legal basis
  4.     the main instruments of human rights which the State of Burundi is a party
  5.     the efforts made by Burundi to protect the rights guaranteed by the Charter
  6.     efforts by the state to improve conditions for vulnerable groups
  7.     protection of the family
  8.     problems encountered in the implementation of the Charter in view of the political, economic and social conditions
  9.     human rights education
  10.     compliance with the Charter by Burundi in the conduct of international relations.

"In recent years, Burundi has opted for the consolidation of a democratic state, respectful of human rights. Efforts have been made to establish independence of the judiciary and promote the various rights of the individual. But much remains to be done.
The crisis erupted in October 1993 has undermined the efforts already made in this process of promoting human rights. However, the Burundians have weathered the crisis and began a peace and national reconciliation process, which they hope to soon lead to stable institutions and an end to violence and massive violations of human rights.
This search for peace and building the rule of law calls first concerns first the Burundians, all Burundians, but certainly also the solidarity of the international community, and particularly Africa. "

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