Sudan: 4th and 5th Periodic Reports, 2008-2012


The government of Sudan presents "in these reports, a synopsis of the major gains made in the area of promotion and protection of human rights in the Sudan. This is supported by the efforts of the State at the legislative, judicial and executive levels to protect of human rights at a time when the Sudan was facing a lot of challenges and difficulties. All that did not deter the Sudan from pursuing its efforts resolutely in promoting human rights and improving its cooperation with the various players at the national, regional and international levels through enacting legislations and adopting of measures and initiatives in this respect."

"Final Observations

  • Promotion and protection of human rights in the Sudan represents top priority. Despite the unprecedented challenges mentioned in these reports, the National Administration remains firm in its efforts to tackle them and achieve the lofty objectives and principles of human rights;
  • The Sudanese Government through these reports, seeks to highlight its efforts to honour its commitments it has always repeated, to improve the status of human rights in the country. The Government hopes that through achieving these objectives, it would move forward the national efforts aimed at the promotion and protection of human rights on the ground by evaluating developments and challenges, exchange of the best practices and expansion of areas of cooperation with the Commission. The Government further hopes that it has come up with constructive recommendations and made commitments that will impact positively on the improvement of the human rights status in the Sudan in fulfillment of what we all aspire to, when this Commission was established as an effective tool for improving the human rights status in all African countries.
  • The Government of the Sudan wishes to reiterate that all the points raised by the Commission when reviewing the Sudan’s Report for the period 2003 – 2008 havebeen seriously addressed. The Government equally wishes to stress that the points under reference have been positively dealt with in the Report and that most of them have been either implemented or will be implemented in due course as mentioned in the Report.
  • Statistics contained in these reports reflect the efforts being made by the State within the context of its various developmental processes."


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