Mauritania: 8th and 9th Periodic Reports


The first part of this report contains an introduction to Mauritania and the institutions responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights. The second part describes the laws and measures taken in the areas of civil and political rights, economic and social rights and the rights of peoples, as well as specific duties set forth in the Charter.

Extract from the Conclusion:

"The Islamic Republic of Mauritania ... wishes to express its commitment to implement its treaty obligations, made ​​in the context of the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. This is reflected today by institutional, legislative, regulatory, administrative, judicial and other measures to improve the living conditions of its citizens and creating a climate conducive to the exercise of freedom and enjoyment of all Rights under the Charter. Although deficiencies still exist and are related to the context of globalization and underdevelopment at the national level, the Mauritanian government is committed to taking all necessary measures to accelerate the political, economic, social and cultural development."

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