Special Rapporteur on Women’s Rights in Africa - 50OS


1. In accordance with the rules of procedure of the African Commission, this report covers promotion activities since the 49th ordinary session of the African Commission, held in Banjul, the Gambia, in April-May 2011.               


2. The report comprises activities carried out in our capacity as Commissioner for the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities and member of the Committee on the Protection of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and Persons at risk and Special Rapporteur on Women’s Rights in Africa.

I – Activities in our capacity as Commissioner:

3. From 14 - 16 June, 2011.

In our capacity as foreign member, we participated in the Board Meeting on Rights and Democracy, held in Montreal. This is a Canadian institution working in Africa and other regions of the world on development of democracy and advocacy in the area of human rights.

4. From 19 -27 July, 2011.

We undertook a human rights promotion mission to the Republic of Niger in our capacity as Commissioner responsible for this country. One of the key objectives of this mission was to renew dialogue with the new authorities in Niger and to discuss issues and challenges bordering on the implementation of human rights as whole, vis-à-vis State actors, NGOs, women’s associations, parliamentarians, traditional chiefs as well as technical and financial partners. The mission was also intended to identify good practices compliance on the subject of human rights and fundamental liberties and to discuss innovative actions and strategies with a view to strengthening existing socio-economic programmes, plans and policies. A mission report will be prepared including the relevant recommendations in relation to the various actors we had the opportunity to meet.

5. From 26 to 27 August, 2011.

We participated in a workshop in Dakar on validation of the Report on 30 years of implementing the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights under the auspices of OSIWA. A working session was also held to take stock of the progress in the activities marking the 30th anniversary of the African Charter.

6. From 5 to 6 October, 2011.

We participated in the ACHPR Scientific Committee meeting in Nairobi. At this meeting, the report on the implementation of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights entitled: 30 years on; was presented and finalized. This report focuses on the obligations of States Parties, the measures adopted by the ACHPR as a follow-up action to support the States Parties in the implementation of their obligations. The report also takes stock of procedures initiated in vis-à-vis the States Parties.

7. From 13 to 14 October, 2011.

In our capacity as an international member of the Board on Rights and Democracy, we took part in a meeting in Montreal for the approval of different drafts on the promotion of human rights and consolidation of democracy, particularly in Africa and Latin America.