Kevin Mgwanga Gunme et al / Cameroon - 266/03



215. The African Commission therefore recommends as follows;

1. That the Respondent State:

1. Abolishes all discriminatory practices against people of Northwest and Southwest Cameroon, including equal usage of the English language in business transactions;

2. Stops the transfer of accused persons from the Anglophone provinces for trial in the Francophone provinces;

3. Ensures that every person facing criminal charges be tried under the language he/she understands. In the alternative, the Respondent State must ensure that interpreters are employed in Courts to avoid jeopardising the rights of accused persons;

4. Locates national projects, equitably throughout the country, including Northwest and Southwest Cameroon, in accordance with economic viability as well as regional balance;

5. Pays compensation to companies in Northwest and Southwest Cameroon, which suffered as a result of discriminatory treatment by banks;

6. Enters into constructive dialogue with the Complainants, and in particular, SCNC and SCAPO to resolve the constitutional issues, as well as grievances which could threaten national unity; and

7. Reforms the Higher Judicial Council, by ensuring that it is composed of personalities other than the President of the Republic, the Minister for Justice and other members of the Executive Branch.

2. To the Complainants, and SCNC and SCAPO in particular,

1. to transform into political parties,

2. to abandon secessionism and engage in constructive dialogue with the Respondent State on the Constitutional issues and grievances.

3. The African Commission places its good offices at the disposal of the parties to mediate an amicable solution and to ensure the effective implementation of the above recommendations.

4. The African Commission requests the Parties to report on the implementation of the aforesaid recommendations within 180 days of the adoption of this decision by the AU Assembly.

Done in Banjul, The Gambia at the 45th Ordinary Session, 13 - 27 May 2009.