Benin: Initial Report, 1986-1992


The report contains nine chapters: 

  1. Respect for the integrity of resources and goods.
  2. Respect for individual freedoms
  3. Respect for political rights
  4. The Beninese government's attitude in relation to investigations related to the respect for human rights
  5. Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, language or social status
  6. Right of workers
  7. Right to education
  8. Protection of the rights of women and children
  9. Protection and promotion of morals and traditional values ​​recognized by the community.

From the Conclusion: "The establishment of a democratic society, free of monolithic politics and dictatorship, concerned with the liberty of the citizen and with justice requires  means that Benin is not able to provide immediately. However, it has put in place a considerable legal framework, international instruments have been adopted and ratified, and implementing legislation has been adopted. But much remains to be done in the legislative and regulatory domains and in the practice of law. 
The Government of the Republic of Benin is aware of this and make every sacrifice so that the seeds of Democracy sown in the soil of Benin grow and prosper.

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