Mauritius: 1st Periodic Report, 1992-1994


The report contains a description of legislation, case law and practice for the protection and promotion of human rights, according to the Articles of the Charter.

From the Conclusion: "The Constitution of Mauritius not only shares the powers between the state organs and the individuals but also believes in the glorious idea of "partages de responsibilités à chacun en fonction de ses capacités". (division of responsibilities to each person, according to his capacities)
While it remains an axiom that unfettered freedom does not exist and that freedom is a relative factor which is clothed with various geographical and ideological livings, it remains the prime objective of the State of Mauritius to bring a balance between the freedom of our individual and that of another. Secondly freedom of one individual is not meant to infringe the liberty of another.
However, checks and derogations from freedom are permitted under the constitution in the interest of preserving public peace, public health and public morality."

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