Mali: 1st Periodic Report, 1981-1998


The report contains two chapters. The first contains general information about the country, the political structure and the legal system for the protection of human rights. The second chapter deals with the situation of specific human rights, categorised by civil and political rights, economic, and social rights; and the situation of human rights in a traditional society. 

A mission of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights identified six major areas:

  • the reform of the functioning of the justice system;
  • strengthening the administrative and judicial police;
  • the renovation of prison policy;
  • support to a National Consultative Commission of Human Rights and human rights organisations;
  • the strengthening of education in human rights and democracy;
  • the consolidation and application of legislation on the protection of children and women.

These are, for the year 1999, the main lines of Ia necessary and ongoing policy of promoting human rights.

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