Libya: 4th Periodic Report, 2006-2008


"This report is a presentation of ideas, institutions and measures that generally contributed to the creation of appropriate conditions that prompted steady improvement of human rights status in the Great Jamahiriya". It contains sections dealing with civil and political rights, economic rights, social and cultural rights, judicial and legal organisation, civil society organisations, and the rights of women, children and disabled persons.


From the Conclusion:

"The Fourth Periodic Report gave prominence to the mass system of human rights based on the Great Green Charter of Human Rights in the Era of Masses in 1988 as well as the Freedom Promotion Act implementing it no 20 for 1991... What distinguishes the Fourth Periodic Report from the previous reports the Great Jamahiriya presented to the African Human and People's Rights Committee is its positive response to many developments at the level of legislative mutations and of expanded area of rights at the level of mechanisms which may be obviously observed in this report."

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