Niger: Promotion Mission, 2011



The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the African Commission) expresses its gratitude to the Government and the highest authorities of the Republic of Niger for accepting to host the promotion mission to the country from 18 to 27 July, 2011 and for providing the delegation with all the necessary facilities and the required personnel for the smooth conduct of the mission.

The African Commission expresses its special thanks to H.E. Mr. Marou Amadou, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals and Government Spokesperson, whose personal involvement in the organization of the various meetings contributed greatly to the success of the mission.

Finally, it would like to thank Madam Maïga Zeinabou Labo, Director of Human Rights and Social Policy at the Ministry of Justice as well as the staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Integration who accompanied the delegation throughout the mission and facilitated the various meetings.