Working Group on Indigenous Populations/ Communities and Minorities in Africa - 45OS


II- In my capacity of a Member of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/ Communities

13. From 2nd - 6th February 2009, I conducted a joint promotion mission with Commissioner Kayitesi Sylvie Zainabo on the rights of indigenous populations in Burkina Faso. The aim of mission was to promote human rights and also to promote the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. 

14. During the discussions we had with Government Officials, Institutions and Civil Society actors, a clearer understanding emerged regarding the characteristics which constitute the basis and legitimised the acceptance in Africa of the concept of Indigenous Populations/Communities. These communities are segments of our society which are rooted in their native land, culture, way of life, and in most cases live in highly inaccessible regions.

15. The delegation met pastoral Peul and Touareg populations, civil servants, elected local councillors, and representatives of NGOs in the province of Oudallan, Dori and Gorom Gorom and discussed with various actors about the work of the African Commission with particular reference to the activities carried out by the Working Group to promote human rights and the living conditions of nomadic populations.

16. At the end of the mission on the ground, the specific findings and challenges gathered will all be captured in a report to be submitted to the Commission for adoption but a brief  assessment was presented to the Minister responsible for the Promotion of Human Rights in Burkina Faso who spared no effort to ensure a hitch free and successful the mission.