Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC) and Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) / Nigeria - 155/96


For the above reasons, the [African] Commission,

Finds the Federal Republic of Nigeria in violation of Articles 2, 4, 14, 16, 18(1), 21 and 24 of the African Charter;
Appeals to the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to ensure protection of the environment, health and livelihood of the people of Ogoniland by:
• Stopping all attacks on Ogoni communities and leaders by the Rivers State Internal Securities Task Force and permitting citizens and independent investigators free access to the territory;
• Conducting an investigation into the human rights violations described above and prosecuting officials of the security forces, NNPC and relevant agencies involved in human rights violations;
• Ensuring adequate compensation to victims of the human rights violations, including relief and resettlement assistance to victims of government sponsored raids, and undertaking a comprehensive
cleanup of lands and rivers damaged by oil operations;
• Ensuring that appropriate environmental and social impact assessments are prepared for any future oil development and that the safe operation of any further oil development is guaranteed through
effective and independent oversight bodies for the petroleum industry; and
• Providing information on health and environmental risks and meaningful access to regulatory and decision-making bodies to communities likely to be affected by oil operations.

Urges the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to keep the African Commission informed of the outcome of the work of:
• The Federal Ministry of Environment which was established to address environmental and environment related issues prevalent in Nigeria, and as a matter of priority, in the Niger Delta area
including the Ogoniland;
• The NDDC enacted into law to address the environmental and other social related problems in the Niger Delta area and other oil producing areas of Nigeria; and
• The Judicial Commission of Inquiry inaugurated to investigate the issues of human rights violations.

Done at the 30thOrdinary session held in Banjul,The Gambia du 13th au 27th October 2001.