Cuban Legislators lectured on Pan-African Parliament


The President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), the Rt. Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG addressed at least 50 legislators on the work of the legislative organ of the African Union in the Baraguá Hall of the Cuban Legislature on 18 February 2020.

The lecture was supported by the PAP Member of Parliament from the Kingdom of Morocco, Hon. Yahfadouh BENMBAREK, and attended by the staff of the Cuban Parliament as well as the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others.

President Nkodo Dang told the gathering that PAP is a platform for African people to participate in discussions and decision-making; addressing problems and challenges facing the continent with the objectives to promote peace, security and stability; give a voice to African peoples and the diaspora, and cooperate with other similar agencies inside and outside the region.

President Nkodo DANG 's lecture touched on Africa's pre and post democracy, the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the transformation of the OAU into the AU (African Union) as well as the establishment of the Pan-African Parliament.

The President dwelled on the structural formation of the continental parliament, representation, diversity, gender issues as well as its parliamentary diplomatic relations with the European Parliament (EP) and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (#IPU) among others.

He elaborated on the process of transiting from a consultative and advisory body, into a legislative establishment. “Africa is currently dealing with issues such as climate change, poverty, migration and diseases. PAP, as a legislative organ with the current mandate of advising and consulting, is paying special attention to these particulars issues,” he said.

The PAP President’s presentation was received with gratitude by the attendants whose interventions underscored the historical ties of brotherhood and solidarity that unite the Caribbean nation with Africa.

Hon. Ana María Mari MACHADO, Vice-President of the National Assembly also recalled Cuba's contribution to the liberation struggle of several countries and commended the resistance of Africans.

The Vice President took the opportunity to thank the support that African states had provided to the Cuban people in the fight against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the Island for almost 60 years.

On the other hand, the PAP President commended Cuba for resistance to the embargo imposed. He also congratulated Cuba for drawing the mandate from the masses in carrying out the constitutional reforms process and thanked the government of Cuba for the continued assistance to Africa in the Medical sector which has seen thousands of African children receiving fully sponsored training as physicians.

“From today’s exchange, I feel that Africa and Cuba have a lot in common, therefore I encourage that we deepen the cooperation between the continent and the Island,” the Rt. Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG concluded.